Trade Ghar Case Study

– Client Description –

Case Study Trade Ghar

Our digital marketing case studies is Trade Ghar, a company based in Gurgaon, India.
They buy houses, pair up sellers with real estate experts, and help people with selling and buying their properties.
They reached out to us for help with their Google advertising.

Problem Statement

The client was running Google Ads from past 1 year and was not getting any genuine leads from their Google Ads campaign. He had already spent a good amount of money for his ad campaigns. 

The customer had spent more than INR 300000/- on google Ads prior to our engagement with them. The Ad spent gave no visibility on the leads and conversions. Lead quality was not as per the expectation and conversions were not maturing.
Also, their Ad account was suspended by Google

So, there were 3 major issues which we had to resolve: 

  • Generating genuine leads by maintaining a low cost of conversion.
  • Conversion Tracking. 
– Client Description –


  • Out team of experts activated the suspended account.
  • Did research and came up with a list of keywords which could work best for the client to get the expected result.
  • Designed the best suitable campaign which provided the desired result to the client.

Top Performing Ads

All of them addressed the pain points that were relevant to their target market including:

  • Getting genuine leads
  • fast closings of leads
  • Very efficient cost of conversion

Using Ad copies which were attention grabbing for their target market, not only got them more clicks to their website, but it helped to acquire the right kind of lead.

People who were looking to buy a home were not clicking on earlier ads that started with “Flats for Sale”. After we started the Ad campaigns, client started getting leads on the same keyword . 

Our ads resulted in almost a 250% increase in their conversion rate.