Bizfinn Case Study

– Client Description –

Case Studies BIZFINN

Our digital marketing case study is for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service for our client Bizfinn, a Fintech based in Gurgaon, India.
Bizfinn provide financial services such as  term loan, Invoice Discounting, Credit Line  & Export Finance. With an aim to help businesses grow, Bizfinn is building a unique credit solution for SMEs to get easy access to financing solutions that propel them toward success.
They reached out to us for our services to increase the website traffic and improve website’s google ranking.

Problem Statement

Client was having their website up and running for past one year and was not getting traffic on their website. Client had already spent a good amount of time and money for his website but was not getting desired results.

So, there were few issues which we identified and needed attention:

  • Getting more traffic on the website.
  • Generating genuine and more relevant traffic.
  • Improvement in website’s Google ranking.
– Business Impact –


There was not much organic traffic on website. Due to this there were very fewer organic conversions.

  • Our team of experts audited the website, found out the workable areas and got those fixed. We suggested complete revamp of the website and change the website platform with some additional features.
  • Did research and came up with the list of keywords which could work best for the client to get the best result
  • Identified a list of relevant topics for blogs, developed all the blogs, posted blogs on multiple platforms, generated backlinks and increased traffic for Bizfinn.
– What We Achieve –

Results We Achieved

1. Top resulting Queries
Top queriesClicksImpressionsCTRPosition
permanent working capital020.00%24.50
how to calculate business loan interest020.00%96.50
what is permanent working capital010.00%27.00
business loan eligible for a business loan010.00%78.00
compare balance transfer010.00%97.00
home loan balance transfer process010.00%101.00
2. Top resulting Pages
Top pagesClicksImpressionsCTRPosition – 1.html050.00%3.60
3. Top resulting Countries
United States060.00%19.33
United Kingdom050.00%21.00

All of them addressed the pain points that were relevant to their target market including:

  • Getting genuine leads
  • Increased Google ranking
  • Getting genuine traffic

Using blog topics that were eye-catching and informative for their target market, not only got them more clicks to their website, but it helped to acquire the right kind of lead.